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In addition to running courses at Jason Kemp's Advanced Driver Training in Newcastle, our instructors are happy to point you in the right direction for further information. Below are a number of useful links with info on heavy vehicle handbooks, restricted access routes and correct load restraint techniques.

If you need further information on licence classes, defensive driver training or any other driving instruction, please call us.

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Road user handbook

Your NSW road user's handbook is an essential tool for safe driving. It contains all the information you will need for the driver knowledge component of your test, as well as all of the current road rules. documents/roads/licence/road_users_handbook-english.pdf

RMS — Restricted Access Vehicle Map (NSW)

Use this map to check areas of NSW with restricted access for B&ndsah;doubles, road trains and vehicles 4.6 metres or higher.

Getting your heavy vehicle licence

In NSW, there are different licence classes for heavy vehicles. This link provides detailed information on which vehicles fall into which classes, as well as the testing requirements.

Practice Driver Knowledge computer test

Feeling nervous about your Driver Knowledge Test? The practice test allows you to see the format of the test and become familiar with the way the questions will be asked.

Heavy vehicle handbook

This handbook contains specific rules that apply to heavy vehicles and trailers.

Helpful tip: expect to be quizzed on all sections of the book. You will be expected to have a thorough understanding of the road rules applicable to all heavy vehicles, not just those you are being tested for. It is not uncommon to be quizzed on bus rules when taking a test for truck licences.

Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) Question Banks

DKT question banks offer examples of the types of questions you will be asked during the knowledge test. You can review questions, along with their multiple choice answers, with the correct answer in bold font.

General road rules — cars

Rigid trucks

Heavy Combination (HC) and Multi–Combination (MC) Trucks

Load restraint guide

Safety guidelines on correct load restraint procedures for road vehicles, including heavy vehicles. This guide is not only useful for drivers, but also for suppliers and manufacturers who regularly rely on road transport for safe shipping.

Video: Double clutching in an speed Road Ranger gearbox

This is a great video showing the correct way to double clutch when shifting gears in a Road Ranger gearbox.

How to Double Clutch an 18 speed Road Ranger gear box

This is a great video showing the correct way to double clutch when shifting gears in a Road Ranger gearbox

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